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Wholesale Policy

If you're interested in ordering any Bonfire Blueprints wholesale, please get in touch! 
  1. Minimums:

    • Opening Order Minimum: $100

    • Reorder Minimum: $80

  2. Payment Methods:

    • Acceptable Forms of Payment: Credit card or PayPal.

    • No other specific payment methods required for different order values or types.

  3. Payment Terms:

    • Payment is required upfront for all wholesale orders.

    • Cash on delivery (COD) payment and deferred payment terms (e.g., Net 30, Net 60, Net 90) are not offered at this time.

  4. Estimated Production or Lead Time:

    • Standard Lead Time for Orders of $200 or More: 8-10 business days.

    • Cut-off Date for Orders: 14 business days before major holidays.

    • Orders will be fulfilled based on the provided lead time and cut-off dates.

  5. Shipping Method:

    • Default Shipping Method: UPS.

    • Alternate carriers will be considered if requested.

    • Shipments may be insured for added protection.

    • Local drop-off is available for Pittsburgh customers.

  6. Drop Shipping:

    • Drop shipping services are not currently offered.

  7. Shipping Cost:

    • Shipping costs will be calculated based on order size and weight.

  8. Product Customization and Samples:

    • Customization: Products are open for customization as well as custom pieces.

    • Samples: No samples will be provided at this time due to the relatively small size of the business.

  9. Returns, Cancellations, and Discounts:

    • Return Policy: Returns will be accepted if items significantly differ in quality from the presented website images. Return requests must be submitted in writing within 14 days of receipt of the order.

    • Cancellation Policy: Orders can be canceled if new pieces have not been created yet; otherwise, a 50% cancellation fee will apply.

    • No buy-back credits are offered at this time.

    • Retailers are allowed to discount items below MSRP.

  10. Smooth Process:

  • Communication: All discussions and order confirmations will be conducted via email.

  • Policy Inclusion: Wholesale policies will be provided to retailers during order placement and included as part of the shipment.

Ready to place an order?

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