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Embroidery pieces, illustrations, hand-painted 3D sculptures, patterns, and more

Custom Pieces


The Basics

Every commission is unique, so if everything laid out below is just a place to get started. It'll lay out the process, the timeline, and a basic cost structure. Once you get in touch, we'll put together a customized timeline and invoice based on your specific project.

The Process

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Simple concept, full color, no background





If you have any questions or adjustments you'd like to make, just let me know; this process is fairly flexible. 


ALSO, please give me as much feedback on the design, the art style, the color choice, etc. as you like. I'm very used to it as part of my day job, you won't hurt my feelings, and my top priority is making sure you like the thing you're buying.

The Concept Phase: Initial Sketches

The Concept Phase: Initial Sketches

Once you send me the initial deposit, (a.k.a. half of the money), We'll do a half-hour consult call so I can get a better idea of what you like and don't like, what other design elements you want to include, color schemes, etc.


After the consult, I'll assemble a couple of rough compositional sketches for you for all three parts of the project: the bow tie, the pocket square, and the cake toppers. Included in this estimate are one full re-sketch if I'm not hitting the mark and one minor revision pass for smaller details.

The Clean-Up Phase: Finalizing Designs

Once you've picked a design you like, I'll do a more detailed, cleaned-up version and reference which thread colors I'm going to use. Included is one more opportunity for small revisions here. 

The Creation Phase: Making the Final Artwork

Once you approve the final designs, I'll get to work on making the actual embroidery piece and final sculpt. I'll send you pictures when I'm finished to make sure you like what you see. Assuming you do, you send me the other half of the money and I'll send the finished art to you! 

Work in Progress: Get in Touch to Learn More

This section should have more information by the end of March. Until then, just send me a DM on Instagram!

Ready to get started?

Like what you see? Send me a message on Instagram or fill out the form below to kick things off!

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