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The main Bonfire Blueprints logo, which includes a campfire enclosed by an architectural tool

Bonfire Blueprints

Cozy and spooky crafts

Bonfire Blueprints specializes in warm and spooky crafts, including cozy embroidery patterns, cute stickers, handmade jewelry, and more!

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Explore Collections

An embroidery piece with a three-headed blue weasel


Including patterns, DIY kits, and finished pieces

A sticker featuring a gold-rimmed glass with an ice latte

Tasty Desserts

Delicious stickers

A cute sticker featuring a mushroom person holding an acorn

Forest Friends

Cozy lil buddies

Image by Mark Basarab: canyon looking up towards the stars



A cute sticker featuring a constellation cat playing with the moon

Animal Companions

Cute and celestial

Image by Andy Holmes: a picture of the night sky


Notebook inserts

Upcoming Artist Faires

Upcoming fairs and events where Bonfire Blueprints will be selling wares in person. Drop by and say hi (and probably see art that isn't listed for sale yet on the online store)

Queer Shop + Swap

Jul 22, 2023

Prototype PGH, Melwood Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

First Friday Night Market

Aug 4, 2023

Level Up Studios, Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Bad Bitch Bazaar

Aug 5, 2023

Market Square, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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A three-headed cerberus weasel illustration

Fun nonsense incoming!



Got a question? Want to commission a custom embroidery piece? Want to chat about game design? If you'd like to get in contact with me, fill out this form and I'll get back to you within a few days.

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